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2006 Dec 23 - As a special treat, enjoy this unbelievably bad rendition of O Holy Night

2006 Dec 18 - CHRISTMAS MESSAGE - We included our website address with our Christmas card this year so here's our message to our family and friends:
We hope you had as much fun solving our Christmas card picture puzzle as we had making it. We love to do the LIFE magazine picture puzzle found each Friday in our local newspaper and had the idea months ago to do a puzzle for our Christmas card. We went to Disneyland for spring break so it seemed fitting to use a photo from this trip for the puzzle.
Speaking of Disneyland, we all enjoyed our trip to southern California. We spent 2.5 days at Disneyland and half a day at the beach. This was our second trip to Disneyland (the first time we only had Jamie and Rachel) and the first time our children have seen the ocean. The first day at Disneyland was not too crowded and we rode a lot of the best rides. The next two days were more crowded, but having we still had a lot of fun. We ran into two of our neighbors there, which was a surprise. We'll have some pictures up soon.
This summer we spent two days rock climbing and hiking in Maple Canyon.
After eight years with Larson Davis, Kris went to work for Linux Networx in March 2005. Kris enjoyed working at Linux Networx, but the new investors stipulated that the company downsize and Kris was laid-off. Fortunately he was able to land a job with Microbial-Vac Systems, a small start-up company, within three weeks. He enjoys the new job and is optomistic about the propsects.
Cycling has been big for Kris this year. He started road biking just two years ago and rides at lunch 2-3 times a week and takes longer rides some Saturdays. He has done five centuries (100 miles) and even helped with the website for the Cycle Salt Lake Century.
Kris and Jolene have been mountain biking almost as long as they've been married and this year they tried something new - racing. They joined the Race Team and raced at venues mostly in Utah but a few in Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. It's both gruelling and invigorating to push yourself so hard. Kris did pretty good in the Beginner Men 40+ category, but Jolene did great in the Women 35+ class with some 1st place finishes and placing 2nd overall for the season. Our team was in 3rd place for the beginning of the season but we ended up in 1st place! See the team scapbook for photos and race recaps.
Jolene is busy with the children - especially Kade.
Jamie is a freshman at Timpanogos High School where she played on the volleyball team as setter and sings in choir. She enjoys school and doing things with her friends. She was happy to FINALLY get her braces off!
Rachel attends Canyon View Junior High and loves computer games and reading. With Jamie's braces coming off that can only mean one thing: Rachel is next.
Kara attends Windsor Elementary and likes playing with her friends and learning to play the piano.
Kade is the high-energy, perpetual motion boy. He keeps busy all day long. Even with three older sisters there's no doubt he's all boy.
Overall it's been a good year for us. We hope it's been good for you too.

2006 Dec 14 - Christmas cards are arriving daily to remind us of all or family and friends. My cousin Lori and her husband Shane sent a nice letter with photos and their website address

2006 Dec 12 - Happy birthday to Kade who turned 4 today!

2006 Dec 10 - The old website (started in August 2001) was functional, but looked dated and plain. So out with the old, in with the new. The new site is still taking shape.

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